What is Pumpt?

Pumpt is an indoor ride park for bikes, scooters, skateboards.  We love bikes, we love the freedom we get from riding them, we love pushing ourselves. Pumpt is a destination that lets us indulge that love, its a brand and a lifestyle. Pumpt is it.

Where is Pumpt located & can I park there?

221 Marion Rd, Marleston, SA. 5033. There are almost 60 spaces, not that we are encouraging driving…those wheels are not as cool as ours!

What is a Pump track?

Pump track’s are any hard surface track that you can ride without pedalling. You can pedal, but that’s not the point. Our tracks are fibreglass lay-ups on a structural timber frame. The rider generates forward momentum over a series of rolling bumps (rollers) and through banked corners (berms). They are great for teaching and developing technique, they are fun and they are can be ridden by all ages on any kind of wheel. “Pumpt: its about the wheels”

Who can ride at Pumpt?

We do not have any age or height restrictions.  Anyone who can ride a bike safely and confidently can ride the Pumpt tracks.  We test all young riders for competency and will not let them put themselves in unnecessary danger.  Our Pumpt Marshals will be on hand to give tips on how to ride safely and effectively.   We also want to encourage young kids to ride too. Pumpt understands kids develop at different paces.  The balance bike area is a 130sqm, walled area dedicated to beginners.  It’s a great place to test your childs’ ability and encourage them to ride in a safe and secure environment using Balance bikes (no pedals).

How good a bike rider do you need to be?

Riding at Pumpt should not be a scary experience. Pumpt is not just for hard core BMX’ers but for anyone wanting to challenge themselves, get fit and learn. We recommend starting on the A58 track where you can pull off at any time or ride around the outside on the flat surface, and then progress to the Battle Track. On the Battle Track you can start as low on the platform as you like, or even start on the floor.  In no time you will gain confidence as you ride.

Pumpt can also offer Workshops. See the Events tab on the Home page to see what is available.

What’s included in the price?

For the time in the park, you get access to all the wheels we have included in the entry price. That’s 16′ BMX, 20′ BMX, stunt scooters, balance bikes & rocker bikes and use of the tracks – the Trainer track, A58 Speed Ring, The Battle track and the skate ramps.

We recommend you bring your own helmet as riding hard makes for sweaty heads.  We do sell helmets in The Pumpt Store and you can also hire one if you forget to bring your own.  All transactions are in Aussie Dollars (that’s AUD!)

How do I pay?

All sessions are booked through our online system, so you either pay when you book with your credit card, or you pay with cash or eftpos at Pumpt if you don’t have a booking. You will be charged in AUD. Purchases in The Pumpt Store can be made via our cash or eftpos.

Can I buy riding tickets in bulk or as a gift?

We have multi passes available as well as gift vouchers.  Click here to see them.

When should I arrive, or can I just rock up?

Please arrive 10 min before your booking time at Reception so we can go through the Riders Brief, tag you and sort out your wheels.  If you’re late it’s just less riding time.

We can’t guarantee walk-ins will get to ride.  It’s best to make a booking online. For safety we have a limit on how many riders can be on the tracks at once.  We also need you to read and accept the Terms and Conditions which is a requirement of your booking and this takes time.

What do I wear?

Helmets and closed in shoes are a must!  Bring your own helmet or hire or buy one onsite.  No helmet, no ride. Wearing thongs, no ride.

We encourage wearing comfortable longs when riding for extra leg protection. Please bring any other protection gear you like to wear when riding, scootering or skating.

We don’t have change rooms, but the toilets are plenty big enough.

Can I bring my own wheels?

You certainly can but note we will inspect the bike to ensure it is safe and up to Pumpt standards and this may take time off your riding slot. If it’s not up to Pumpt standards you will have to use our wheels to ride.  There is no discount for bringing your own wheels, only the satisfaction of training with your own bike. We allow bmx & mountain bikes, scooters, skate boards & inline skates on the tracks.

Can I drop my child and go?

Unless your child is attending a party, NO. We are not a creche, and your child will need you if she/he gets hurt. Pumpt is not an extreme sport venue, but neither are we an OSHC.

Children under the age of 13 MUST have a parent/guardian over 18 remain onsite with them.

Is there food at Pumpt?

Yes there is.  The Boneshaker Cafe has a full and delicious cafe menu which means you don’t have to bring your own food.  Pumpt doesn’t allow you to bring in any food or drinks unless you have specific dietary issues.  Baby food and your own water bottle is acceptable of course!  We also have water bubblers free for everyone to use. Even cold water ones.

Please note, you cannot take food into the track area for safety reasons.  Please eat in the designated areas.

Boneshaker is open whenever Pumpt is open, plus more. Click here for their party menu, or see their full menu.

If you want to bring your own cake to a Pumpt Party, that’s no problem.

Can I drink (alcohol) and ride?

That’s a big fat NO peeps. Boneshaker is fully licensed and have a great beer selection, but you cannot ride after having a drink.

What happens if I hurt myself at Pumpt?

We have a dedicated First Aid room – look for the big Nurse on the wall – Pumpt First Aid staff will help as best we can and monitor you until specialised help arrives. If the injury looks serious we will call the Ambulance.  We will notify the Contact person as filled out on the booking form.

How do Pumpt Parties work?

A Pumpt party is easily booked on line, and there is more specific information on our Parties page.  Simply go to the Parties tab, choose a date, a time, the number of people (minimum of 8 up to 14 children) and the menu option, then select ‘book a party’.  At a Pumpt Party, you get use of the park and our bikes for a full hour, followed by 45 min in your own Party Hut. There are three different set menu options from Boneshaker (our inhouse cafe) – healthy, and freshly prepared onsite, from scratch. You’ll love it.

If you want a party for more people, or a special party, call us to work out the details.

Can I hold a work event or special event at Pumpt?

Special event, 21st, Bucks or Hens party?  Pumpt is a great location for the party starter where you can challenge each other on the tracks before sitting back with a burger and drink. We’re here to help your party be awesome. Ask us how.

Work event?  Whilst we do not endorse work, we accept it must be done at times. If you want to get closer to your work mates, hold a team meeting, encourage healthy competition and some down time, then Pumpt is the place to do it. You can book Pumpt for an hour or several, ride and eat and drink too with in-house catering by Boneshaker Cafe.  Ask us how.

Can I change my ride slot booking?

We understand that at times things change and we don’t want you to miss your ride. Your bookings are not refundable, but if you notify Pumpt up to 24 hours prior to your booked slot, we can transfer your booking to the next suitable date. You can have up to 6 months to use your credit. Please phone Pumpt.

Can I change my party booking?

Payment in full is required to secure your booking. Pumpt does not refund party bookings, but if a change of date is requested up to 5 days prior to the party date, Pumpt will transfer the booking to the next suitable date.  Please phone Pumpt.

Pumpt does not issue refunds on bookings.

Can I get my merchandise delivered?

Sure can! Just select the shipping option in the Cart. Note, we only ship domestically within Australia.

What is the returns policy for merchandise?

We stand behind everything we sell. From the custom made BMX bikes to the trucker hats. Our official warranty policy is HERE, and if you believe it falls within the policy, bring it back and we’ll talk through the options.

What is your stance on the environment?

At Pumpt, we love the environment. We want to minimise our footprint as much as possible, and have a few policies that help us do this.

We avoid paperwork (that’s paper).  All bookings are online, confirmations sent by email and nothing needs be printed off.
We provide water onsite and we sell reusable sports bottles with our Pumpt branding, in the hope of discouraging purchases of plastic bottled water.
We minimise water and detergent usage by supplying food in disposable products made from sugar cane that is readily biodegradable. The food wrapping & lining is made of a unique material that dissolves in soil.